With a colourful mind

About me:

I am a small 20 year old girl, with an endless resource of imagination and creativity.


I am a trustful and fast learning person with a joy of keeping things in order.


I am:

- Patient

- Friendly & Kind

- Fast learner and always urgent to learn something new

- Trustful & Honest

For further details about myself and my work, feel free to contact me or take a look at my CV below.

My interests are the following:

- Drawing on paper (=watercolour, pencil & black/White) on pc (Photoshop, SAI and even sometimes with paint)

- Movies (=Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure), e.g. TheHobbit, Lotr, The Gift, Wolfhound, Pride & Prejustice, Riddick

- Designing e.g. Template for my mothers' Business, Posters for companies (Aruba)

- Games, mostly with high quality envronmental graphics and a creative and inspiring story e.g. Child of Light, Lost Winds, Perfect World, Okami, OST Journey



Works and other published work of mine:

  • Logo, Flyer, stamp, business card for my mothers Business ☯: http://www.wegausdemchaos.de/index.html
  • Facebook ads & photographs for TheGallery, AUB: https://www.facebook.com/TheGalleryAub/timeline?ref=page_internal
  • As well as loads of flyer, poster, panels for exhibitions at TheGallery, AUB





CV - Winona Otto
CV - Winona Otto.pdf (1.29MB)
CV - Winona Otto
CV - Winona Otto.pdf (1.29MB)






Recently, I was working as a graphic designer at the Arts University Bournemouth: